Roll Up, Roll Up! It’s your Silent Auction Bargain Bonanza

Time is running out but we still have some major deals on wheels – including buses & trains – and there are only 48 hours to go. There’s no pressure, but the auction will come to a dramatic end at midnight on Saturday 4 June. Be in it to win it.

Miss Stuffy McTat

 And what a month it’s been: who knew that Miss Stuffy McTat would be the star of the fair? Although, with only a modest bid of £60, our taxidermy cat is SO under-valued.

We’ve got a brand new entry – a family ticket for the MagicFestival. With zero bids, this magic experience could be yours for a pretty penny, or at least a tenner.

The two Scotrail tickets worth £200 to anywhere in Scotland could be yours for offers over £20…

You don’t need to take our word for it, check out the list attached for all the deals. And, you can always bid at the Summer Fair on the day (outside the main hall by the discovery den). Miss Stuffy will be available for photos, even autographs, for those brave enough to take a selfie with her!

Thank you to all our amazing bidders, may the odds be ever in your favour…

Sciennes Parent Council