Can you help us win £25,000 for our pupils at Sciennes School?

Although our school holidays have just begun, we would be very grateful for your help in the next two weeks so that we can win £25,000 to support our technology project at Sciennes Primary School, which will benefit all our pupils.

You can help by voting online for our project between Monday 4 July and Wednesday 20 July.  Voting is free and is open to anyone aged over 18 years old.

Our technology project has been nominated for a community award from the One Family Foundation.  The funding would let us buy 124 tablet computers for four classes.  It would build on our current work and would be a significant boost to the learning opportunities for our pupils, supporting a focus on digital safety, coding and careers in technology particularly.

We are one of 19 projects from across the UK in their schools and centres of education category who are seeking £25,000.  The project that gets the most votes will receive the funding.  If we can get a vote for every one of our 650 pupils, through the support of you, our parents, we believe we can achieve!

To play your part in helping us win £25,000 to fund technology equipment for your child and all our other pupils, just follow these steps:

1.  Between Monday 4th and Wednesday 20th July visit our project website at: 

2.  Click the VOTE button, which will be in the top right of the page.  You will then be asked to register with the Foundation website to be able to vote – just follow their instructions.

3.  Once registered and logged into their website, click the blue VOTE button again.  The vote count will increase and the button will change colour – this means your vote was successful and has gone through.

4.  Please encourage any other adults you know, such as family, friends or work colleagues, to vote for our project.  For example, you could forward this link to them to explain how to vote.

We will put voting updates on our school website.

We very much appreciate your help and support in trying to win £25,000 for technology equipment for your child and all the other pupils at our school.




Thank you and very grateful thanks to parent Colin Sim who has put together and submitted the funding bid on our behalf. Fingers crossed!