Challenge Yourself! P4-7 Assembly 7.10.16

On Friday 7th October we issued the First Minister’s Reading Challenge Passports to P4, P5 and P6 and reminded pupils what is involved in the Reading Challenge. P7 pupils have already received their passports and have begun using them.

One of the entries in the Reading Challenge Passport asks pupils to name their local library and librarian and we again encouraged all our pupils to join their local library. There are many free resources to pupils and families through the Library Service via the Overdrive app – eBooks, audiobooks, free Mathetics maths resources and games, language resources. Not signed up yet? A great challenge to complete in the Ocober holiday!

Ms French’s Reading Challenge continues to be a great success with many more of her pupils achieving Gold awards for reading 15 books!

We congratulated many pupils on recent achievements and enjoyed a wonderful, confident performance on guitar from Kevin, Riley, Hannah and Eloise.

Our P3 whole school led Harvest Appeal for Foodbank launches next week and the P3 teams are busy organising. A collection will be made on Friday 28th October and ties in with international charity WE Free the Children’s ‘Scare Hunger’ campaign. Free the Children will visit school in December and we are looking forward to welcoming them back again to help us with pupil led social action.

P7 will be at Lagganlia Outdoor Education Centre next week and we watched a video to help us think about how team work, belief and encouragement can help us achieve!

Class Teachers in P4-7 will inform pupils if and how their classes will celebrate Halloween this year.