Citizenship P4-7 Assembly 27.1.17

On Friday 27th January our Assembly theme was Citizenship with a particular focus on our Pupil Eco Group’s recent and planned actions in school. We were delighted to welcome Kirstin Unger from the Parent Eco Group, who works so hard to improve our school grounds, planting with pupils and greening our playground so beautifully. Kirstin explained very clearly and engagingly how to take part in the annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch at the weekend. We look forward to hearing how many pupils took part and which birds were spotted.

Kirstin encourages participation in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

The Pupil Eco Group agreed with Kirstin’s suggestion at a recent joint Parent and Pupil Eco Group  meeting to organise regular collections for loose play. Michael and Catie encouraged everyone to bring in pine cones next week. Faye encouraged classes to use the online Travel Tracker to record journeys to school and Ali reminded P6C that his class is on Litter Duty next week. We were excited to announce that Sciennes is one of ten schools to be selected for a new Eco Schools eTwinning project and we will find out more next month.

Barack Obama promoted Global Citizenship throughout his presidency and has now handed the mic to a new generation. The Obama Foundation has been set up to focus on developing the next generation of citizens and we aim to help all our children become Responsible Citizens.

We welcomed Lesley and Lorna to tell everyone about a new Scripture Union lunchtime club for P6/P7 starting after the February break.

Lorna and Lesley launch new SU Club

Our Sports Captains celebrated pupil achievements and promoted the JGHS Appeal for small toys and pencil cases. P6 Digital Leaders were congratulated on setting up a new lunchtime iPad Coding Club and P7 Digital Leaders for helping P1 in the Digital Learning Centre.

Ms Anstruther has asked for donations of dressing up clothes to help us continue to address 1 in 5 Child Poverty. Pupils Bella and Emma came up with this great idea to help include everyone in dressing up days.

Classes will be learning about digital safety this month and we wished Happy Chinese New Year to all our families celebrating.

Article 29

You have the right to education which develops your personality, respect for others’ rights and the environment.