P6 Comedy Festival – Thank You Richard Melvin, Julia Sutherland and Al Lorraine!

What an extraordinary opportunity for our three P6 classes this week to work with accomplished comedy writer, comedian, producer and The Stand Comedy Club compere, Sciennes’ dad, Richard Melvin and his friends from Dabstar Productions! Using the BBC RND Comedy Classroom resources, groups of P6 pupils scripted, rehearsed with help from Richard and fellow comedian Julia Sutherland on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday then performed their comedy sketches in the Hall on Friday 31st March, again encouraged and supported by compere Richard, Julia and also radio producer Al Lorraine.

As well as being a fun and engaging way to develop literacy skills, this project was a huge boost to confidence in performance and all our children benefited greatly from taking part. As Miss Stewardson, who successfully led the P6 project said, “The children had the best time!”

Very well done to all our P6 comedy stars and their hard working teachers Miss Stewardson, Miss Rogerson, Mr Hutchison and Mr Howie and a huge thank you to inspirational Richard, Julia and Al. Fabulous! A joyful way to end the term. Happy holidays, all!

Comedian Julia Sutherland helped the children prepare for their performances ‘backstage’
Class Teachers Miss Stewardson, Miss Rogerson and Mr Hutchison
BBC RND Comedy Classroom resources an excellent framework for developing literacy skills

Accomplished comedian, The Stand Comedy Club compere and comedy writer and producer, Richard Melvin

Richard with daughter Molly