Take the Pledge on Clean Air Day!

As you may be aware this Thursday (15th) is the first National Clean Air Day which coincides with Cycle to School week. This is a perfect opportunity to continue the great work that Sciennes has done in promoting safer, healthier travel to school and of course to raise awareness about the dangers of air pollution. Thanks to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) who have installed an air pollution monitor at the front of the school, you can monitor the air pollution outside our school on the website http://www.environment.scotland.gov.uk/get-interactive/data/air-quality-primary-school-sensor/ and use the drop down menu to visit Sciennes Primary School data. From here you can view the air pollution from each day, check the air pollution density times during each day, and track the air pollution to 5 minute intervals during school opening and closing times.
Please also check out https://www.cleanairday.org.uk/pledge to find out more ways to support National Clean Air Day. To get involved on social media please use the #NationalCleanAirDay
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Another great website to check out at home is http://www.learnaboutair.com/  This is an interactive website with fantastic videos all about air pollution, the history, the causes and the solution to the problem.

Thanks for your continued support,
Gregor Hutchison (P6A)