Superb P5 Performance of Scottish Opera’s "A Tale O’ Tam O’Shanter"

Outstanding P5s in Scottish Opera’s fabulous “A Tale O’ Tam O’Shanter”

What a fabulous performance on Wednesday 14th June from Primary Five! They were word perfect and in fine voice for an outstanding production of ‘The Tale O’ Tam O’Shanter’ with Scottish Opera. The team from Scottish Opera – Alan, Ryan, Kirsty and Neil – yet again wove their magic, as only they can, with high energy, focus and lots of fun to choreograph the entire show in a single day. We are also grateful to musical director Roger who spent a day with the pupils a few weeks ago. The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and rose to the occasion superbly, inspired by the fantastic turnout. Tip top job by Mrs McVicker, Mrs Hogan, Ms French and Miss Thistlethwaite in preparing them so well and thank you to all the families who came along to shout “Bravo!” and “Encore!” Hannah’s dad Jimmy Chow very kindly filmed the show and took photographs for us which we will share in due course. Here are a few photographs meanwhile:

The hour approaches, Tam maun ride. Superb singing from Ryan

In fine voice

Before him Doon pours all his floods

Hannah danced superbly weel as the De’il
“Weel done, Cutty Sarkl” and superb singing by Kirsty as Kate and Nanny
The carlin claught her by the rump, And left poor Maggie scarce a stump”
Thank you to Alan and Neil (sound engineer) for bringing all the elements of the performance together so well. Another triumph for Scottish Opera!

Excellent preparation by the staff, giving the children extraordinary confidence and zest in performance