Connect with Respect

Create, Connect and Share with Respect‘ is this year’s Safer Internet theme and ties with our City of Edinburgh Health and Wellbeing ‘Be Resilient’ topic – ‘Be Kind to Others’.

On Friday 23rd February we welcomed P.C. Alan Jenkins (Schools Liaison Officer for James Gillespie’s and Boroughmuir High Cluster Schools) to give a presentation on safer, respectful use of the Internet as part of our schoolwide Digital Safety month. P.C. Jenkins described the Internet being a place rather than a thing and used a clever analogy, comparing it to a Library, which was perfectly pitched for our P4-7 pupils to understand, in terms of benefits and risks.

P.C. Jenkins and P.C. Fowler delivered a Safer Internet presentation

P.C. Jenkins is soon to begin a secondment to Barra in the Western Isles so introduced us to P.C. Amy Fowler who will take over from him in working with our schools over the next six months.

Nine P6 pupils spoke confidently and articulately about the impact of our recent residential to Benmore Outdoor Education Centre and the entire year group was thanked and praised for an outstanding week of team work, cooperation and kindness to one another.

Special tribute was paid to our very own Outdoor Learning Queen, Business Manager Ms Angela Christie, who is retiring at Easter having given her sterling support on countless residential trips to both Benmore and Lagganlia for countless young people.

Article 17

You have the right to collect information from the media.

Article 19

You have the right to be protected from being hurt or badly treated.