Superheroes Day Thursday 26th April

The new Avengers movie “Avengers: Infinity War” opens on Thursday 26th April!

As you may know the film was partly filmed in Edinburgh.  You may have seen in the Evening News, that Edinburgh is going to be a “City of Superheroes” for the launch and therefore schools have been invited to participate in a “City of Superheroes” Day in school on Thursday 26th April.

Mindful of our 1 in 5 initiative, we do not wish to cause families expense in dressing up, but would encourage children to wear costumes they may already have or to create a homemade costume (a mask or a badge or a cape). Classes will have a Superhero themed literacy focus in school and there may be opportunities to make a costume or borrow costumes from our 1 in 5 Lending Library earlier in the week.