Take A Moment Assembly 27.4.18

On Friday 27th April 2018 we introduced pupils to the latest CEC HWB programme topic ‘Take A Moment‘ which we will focus on over the next three weeks in the lead up to Mental Health Week 14th-18th May. Pupils were asked what strategies they use to cope with life’s ups and downs and one P4 pupil suggested Music and Singing were great ways to weather a storm.

This led nicely into a fabulous performance of two songs by our Glee Club, led by Miss Dougal and Miss Rogerson and supported by Mrs Yaseen. Truly spreading glee and joy throughout the entire Hall! Sensational!

Our P7 House and Sports Captains updated everyone on the recent Swimathon and Meadows Mayhem fundraisers and received a lovely message of commendation from Ms Christie, read to them by Mr Howie, congratulating them on their outstanding work in redesigning and running the P5-7 fundraiser this year.

Dear House and Sport Captains

It has been such fun working with you this week. You worked so hard to help raise funds for the school. The Meadows Mayhem was your idea and what a great idea it was! Far more people took part this year than in any other year over the last 15 years of sponsored events. Your leadership, team work, enthusiasm and commitment were outstanding and this year’s event absolutely wouldn’t have happened without you!

Thank you

Ms Christie

P7 pupils Niamh, Alice, Stella and Margret organised interviews this week for ten out of more than fifty! P6 applicants to carry on their Equalities work. They announced the four successful candidates – Tomos, Natalia, Nina and Ben M – and will link with them to help them continue their work on gender equality into next session.

P7s Melissa and Iseabhail had approached the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Class Teachers about raising awareness of LGBT equality and gave a remarkable, very carefully considered and appropriately pitched presentation at Assembly. They impressed all with their positive messages and their eloquence. Both will work with SLT to produce a child friendly version of our Equalities Policy and will give a further presentation to the Primary Seven Year Group. Wonderful to see so many of our pupils so capable of taking the lead and making a difference.


equality for all

Article 2

You have the right to protection against discrimination.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.