Take A Moment Sharing Assembly

On Friday 11th May 2018 we held a Sharing Assembly, inviting pupils to share strategies they use to cope with life’s ups and downs, as part of our CEC HWB Building Resilience topic ‘Take A Moment.

In preparation for Mental Health Week next week, we focused on the importance of Sleep at both Assemblies. P7 Captains shared their hints and tips for getting a good night’s sleep and we watched a short video to re-enforce key messages, also shared by Mr Howie.

We sang the Fischy Music song “Bad Times Won’t Last” and Took A Moment to reflect on previous and new achievements. We celebrated the weekend success of P7 Boroughmuir Rugby FC players Fraser, Henry, Will, Fraser and Innes who alongwith former pupil Jo-Jo Robertson were undefeated in a Yorkshire tournament, despite being 6 months to a year younger than fellow participants.

We also took another opportunity to heap praise on wonderful P5 for all their hard work in preparing for Scottish Opera’s “Dragons of the Western Sea” which resulted in a sensational, confident and exuberant performance on Wednesday 9th May.

P5 Scottish Opera Dragons of the Western Sea 2018