Lagganlia 2018

What a fantastic week at Lagganlia with a top notch team, in glorious sunshine! We were so proud of the determination of all our pupils to tackle every challenge and opportunity, with everyone achieving great success in a wide range of excellent outdoor learning activities that built upon experiences at Benmore. The pupils also successfully managed perhaps the greatest challenge of the week: working and living with others in dorms and groups, and gained tremendously from the experience. It was wonderful to watch friendships develop and grow between the children and we really feel our P7 team has been firmly established with strengthened bonds firmy established between the classes. We want to acknowledge the excellent team building achieved last year by P6 teachers Ms McGrouther, Miss Rogerson and Mr Hutchison -in class and at Benmore – that enabled the children to advance their skills, abilities and confidence even further.We are indebted to Lagganlia Senior Instructors Nick, Gordon, Scrutz and all the staff at Lagganlia who always go out of their way to make our stay with them as comfortable as it can possibly be, always going the extra mile to accommodate our needs, and for the great skill, expertise, quality and dedication of the instructors. Certificates with hand written comments from each instructor will be carefully stored at school towards pupils’ Silver JASS awards. All pupils who took part this week will receive the ‘Adventure’ award; one quarter of the way towards full Silver accreditation.

The Sciennes staff sustained the 24/5 duty by working very closely as a team and spending all their time being very high profile in caring for the pupils. With few spare moments to themselves, and very limited time to blog, all have endeavoured to record magical moments which will continue to be added here on our return so that pupils can access them back at school.

The P7 teachers form a strong and talented unit who prepared the pupils extremely well for their adventurous residential course.  P7A Class Teacher, Ms Fiona Sellar, is an experienced top notch camper who actively engaged day and night to ensure the trip’s success for all. P7B Class Teacher, Ms Lindsay Dodds inspired and encouraged all the pupils to try their very best, showing great care for the entire group. Seasoned top camper, P7C Class Teacher, Ms Jenny Gaffney, was also high profile with all ten groups day and night, ensuring everyone had a memorable experience. Very highly experienced Mr Mark McKenna, P7C Class Teacher, also provided excellent support throughout the week and we were delighted to be accompanied by M.A. student Miss Emily McAlpine who successfully managed Anderson Lodge, demonstrating great commitment and care. Thank you also to Mr Forrest Howie, P7A Class Teacher, who helped and inspired with prep and pep talks ahead of our adventure. All staff gave exceptionally high levels of care and attention to the pupils.

Thank you also to Mr Hunter and to Ms Anstruther who had an even busier week than usual! Also to Ms Jenni McGrouther and staff at Sciennes who ensured that the pupils who remained at school also had an enjoyable and interesting week.

Finally, thank you most sincerely to all the families who support us, not least of all financially, in providing what we believe to be an invaluable educational opportunity for our children.

We look forward to building on the success of this week throughout the final year at Sciennes. Well done, Primary Seven! All Lagganlia Champions!

Ms Gallagher
Gp 5b