P1-7 Assembly The Time Is Now!

Welcome to our first Assembly of 2021 on Friday 15th January. Happy New Year – a different kind of new year but together we can make it a happy one. 2021 is a very important year for children’s rights. It is The Year of Childhood and this year the UNCRC will be incorporated into Scots’ law. We showed a video where Members of Children’s Parllament (MCPs), including former pupils Rory and Haris talk about the importance of children’s rights. The time is now for children’s rights and the time is now to make new goals for 2021. We heard from some Sciennes pupils about their goals and Mr Hunter asked pupils to email him with their goals. He shared his goals for 2021 – getting fewer injuries running by learning yoga! Tune in to hear Mr Hunter’s P1-3 Assembly storytime – ‘Kiss Goodnight Sam” by Amy Hest. P4-7 you are welcome to tune in, too!

Sciennes P1-7 The Time Is Now Assembly and Storytime 15.1.21 from Sciennes Primary School