HT Round Up 12.3.21

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Year GroupStart TimeMon – Thurs Finish TimeFriday Finish TimeENTRANCE/EXIT
P19.00am3.00pm12.10pmWEST DOOR (Sick Kids Hospital side)
P2A, P2B9.00am3.00pm12.10pmEAST DOOR (Main Entrance)
P2C9.00am3.00pm12.10pmClassroom Entrance/Exit from Playground
P38.50am3.20pm12.05pmWEST DOOR
P48.50am3.20pm12.05pmEAST DOOR
P58.40am3.10pm11.55amWEST DOOR
P68.40am3.10pm11.55amEAST DOOR
P78.40am3.10pm11.55amEAST DOOR

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