Thank you, Mr Scott!

Dear Families

We want to let you know that Neil Scott, one of our Facilities Managers (Janitor), has decided to take up a new post at the Scottish Parliament at the end of September. Neil has devoted 18 years of outstanding dedication and unstinting service to Sciennes and is a highly regarded, deeply loved member of the Sciennes Family who will be sorely missed. He is leaving us with a heavy heart and our hearts are heavy too but his new position is a wonderful opportunity for him which he richly deserves. Our deep admiration, trust, respect and love will travel with him.

Neil’s laser-focused attention to the maintenance and safe, efficient running of the school, in all weathers, from early dawn to late in the evening is always above and beyond, day in and day out. But even more than that, his devoted care for the children, families and staff, always with great wit, humour and sense of fun, has had an incalculably positive and significant impact on the life and soul of the school. For a sparkling pool, project managing contractors, painting, always remembering to set up and clear away for every event and Assembly, mentoring pupils with wise words of encouragement, recycling, de-icing paths and clearing snow when we’re all still cosy in bed, pep talks for the school teams, turning off our Christmas lights and closing windows when we invariably forget, climbing ladders to put up displays and move elves around in the classrooms ready to surprise the children in the morning and for Victorian Tours and everything else in between, thank you, Mr Scott!

The Sciennes Team