Daniel Johnson MSP Q & A Session with P7

Great to welcome back Daniel Johnson MSP to Sciennes today to a Question and Answer session with our Primary Seven classes. Pupils asked really interesting questions about the roles of regional and constituency MSPs, what motivated Mr Johnson to become an MSP and what drives him to continue in his role.

The pupils were asked which issues caused them most concern and many centred around climate change. They also offered some solutions such as cheaper electric cars and easier access to charging points, which Mr Johnson has himself raised. Changing the mindset of drivers who get frustrated with our young people cycling to school and ways to increase Active Travel also featured.

Mr Johnson illustrated a point that politicians need to weigh issues carefully to reach an informed view. He highlighted to pupils that while they said they had concerns about increases in fuel prices, they also understood that higher prices could be beneficial and lead to increased Active Travel and use of public transport.

We were very pleased that Mr Johnson continues to back our longheld ambition and desire to close the road to increase play space and safety as well as support active travel to and from school.

Daniel Johnson MSP holds a Q and A session with Primary Seven pupils
Primary Seven pupils with Mr Johnson
Thank you for listening! Mr Johnson MSP alongside P7B’s ‘The Right to Be Heard’ display