1892-2012 eBook

Have you read our online eBook commemorating and celebrating "A Dozen Decades" at Sciennes? A Summer Reading Challenge!Click here to link to the Google Docs online version or on the eBook button on the school website.

Mr Howie’s Amazing Online Virtual Tour of Sciennes

CLICK HEREhttp://www.sciennesprimaryschool.co.uk/Forrest Howie has created this wonderful virtual tour of our school to commemorate its 120th Anniversary. Click on any of the images to see each location as a 360 degree virtual tour. Double click to view full screen. The tour can also be accessed from a button beside our Guestbook and from the Links … Continue reading Mr Howie’s Amazing Online Virtual Tour of Sciennes

What a Party!

Thank you to all the families, pupils and staff for a magnificent celebration of Sciennes' 120th Anniversary on Friday 1st June. A huge amount of planning and organisation ensured the day was a wonderful success. It was an exciting start for the children as they arrived to see parents had strung their bunting from early … Continue reading What a Party!