Sciennes’ Birthday Song

Fabulous, creative model birthday cakes are adorning the school and everyone has been learning our special Anniversary song. The street will be closed from 7am on Friday and thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to string and display the children’s bunting.  At Assemblies Azfar in P4C will be presented with a prize for his winning motto “Believe. Achieve.” Look for Miss Mackintosh and Ms McGhee’s fabulous wider achievement display – view it from the opposite stairwell to get the full effect of the pupils’ photographs spelling out our new motto. 

Former staff have been invited to an informal reunion on Thursday 31st May 6-8pm in the Hall.

We look forward to welcoming current families and younger siblings to our celebration family picnic on Friday 1st June at 12pm. …and the weather forecast is looking good!

In the year of 1892
Our school first opened its doors
And the girls and boys from all around
They arrived in hordes and hordes
Aim high let your ambitions fly
Always be the best you can be
Believe. Achieve in all you do
And happy you will be
From slates and chalks and inks and nibs
To whiteboards, computers and pens.
You never know what your future will bring
But friends will still be friends.
Our school it is a happy one
For kids and adults too
And so it will continue
As each person begins anew
Words by Mrs Ford
Music by Mrs McVicker