Amazing Feature Film Experience for Our Pupils!

Wow! What a truly memorable day on Friday 1st May for our pupils attending Sciennes After School Care Scheme (SASCS). Headteacher Mrs Alison Noble arranged for them to be Film Extras in a new film “La corrispondenza“(The Correspondence) by internationally renowned, Oscar winning director Giuseppe Tornatore!

Sonia and her SASCS team (who also appeared as Extras) did a fantastic job preparing and supporting and supervising the children throughout the afternoon’s filming. Special thanks also to film crew members Rory, Miglet, Margherita and Erminia for treating our children with such care, encouraging them and providing them with a truly memorable, extraordinary opportunity. Upcoming young film director, Ben Anstruther, who recently won an ‘Oscar’ for his editing work on his own movie at Heriot’s Film Club, thoroughly enjoyed the experience of appearing as an Extra. Former member of staff, great friend to the school, passionate film buff and Tornatore devotee Sharon McGhee (Depute Headteacher at Flora Stevenson’s Primary) was also delighted to be able to take part in the filming. Great to see former pupil Lorna Hinton (now S5 at James Gillespie’s High School) appearing as an Extra, too!

 “La corrispondenza” stars Jeremy Irons and also Olga Kurylenko (who was at the film shoot at Sciennes and starred with Daniel Craig in Bond film “Quantum of Solace” and in Russell Crowe’s new film “The Water Diviner.”)  Acclaimed Italian film composer Ennio Morricone is providing the soundtrack.

Signore Tornatore was very gracious in posing for some photographs for the school album. So many of our parents and staff (including the entire Senior Management Team and Ms Dodds!) have such great admiration and fondness for his celebrated film “Cinema Paradiso” and he was utterly charming. A great pleasure for us all to be able to be involved, and particularly to hear so many lovely compliments about our children. The sun shone, and don’t they all look smart in school uniform!

The great man himself, Giuseppe Tornatore, at Sciennes Primary
Excitement builds for the cast of Sciennes’ Film Extras!

Ben Anstruther who was recently awarded his own ‘Oscar’ at Heriot’s Film Club for editing work on his excellent film “Unleashed.”

Andrew gets kitted out by Margherita, helped by Sonia from SASCS

Film trucks arrive

Sign comes down

Sharon McGhee in position at Sciennes’ school gate, ready to welcome pupils in the ‘drop off at school’ scene.
Headteacher Alison Noble with Director Mr Giuseppe Tornatore and Sharon McGhee