Bake Sale for Nepal Friday 8th May

We are all aware of the devastation caused by the massive earthquake in Nepal over the weekend. Many of us have already donated to the Appeal already.

Our Sciennes family include people from that beautiful country, people who lived and worked there for a number of years and who feel very close to this tragedy. Many of us are still in contact with many Nepali family and friends who have been telling us of the sheer terror caused by the earthquake and of the emerging crisis. 

Thousands are feared dead, and many more are injured or have been made homeless.
Buildings have been flattened, communities shattered and lives torn apart. Dozens of aftershocks continue to hit the area, and people are sleeping in the open air from fear of further destruction . The daily news reports just emphasise how bad the situation is.

Please help us to raise even more money to support the Nepal Earthquake Appeal

We and the Parent Council are organising an all school bake sale to be held in the playground at midday on Friday May 8th .

Please help by :
* Baking – we will be receiving donations in the playground before school on Friday morning.
* Buying – we will be in the playground from 12 midday.
* Donating money on the day -by giving to the Charities who will be collecting at Sciennes or by using the following links

Wear red (colour of Nepal’s flag) to show support

We know that many of you are already baking for the Grange Fair and the Yards fundraising event, but for those of you who are not, or who have spare capacity, every little helps!

Thanks for your help,
Jayne Weaver and Alison Outred
(Parents from 5b)
The Parent Council Sciennes Primary School