Parent Council Vacancies

Sciennes Parent Council needs you!

In advance of the Parent Council AGM on Thursday 16 June at 7pm in the school, we’d like to recruit candidates for various Parent Council vacancies. If you are interested in putting forth your name or in nominating somebody, please email

YEAR REP (one for each year)
This is a new position. The Year Rep will be responsible for representing their given year group at all parent council meetings. For example, the P4 Year Rep will be representing all P4 parents and carers. The Year Rep should be an approachable individual who is able to represent views that may differ from their own. If more than one individual is interested in the role, it can be shared. For more information please see Year Reps-FAQs.

  • Attend Parent Council meetings (generally there are 6 per year)
  • Collect and represent the year group’s views on important Parent Council matters
  • Report back to year group on Parent Council issues

*Please note that the Year Rep is a distinct role from that of Parent Class Rep, who has been used primarily for communication.*

The Events and Fundraising Convener oversees the planning and execution of all Parent Council events and fundraising initiatives. This role would be suited to a ‘job share’.

  • Work with the school, the Chair of the Parent Council and the Finance Team to agree fundraising targets for the year
  • Draft a fundraising and events plan for the year
  • Organise events and activities that appeal to a range of interests and personal budgets to ensure there’s something for everyone
  • Chair EFG meetings and attend Parent Council meetings
  • Attend Friends of Sciennes School Trust meetings as an Ex Officio Trustee.

Key Qualities include

  • Must be able to work well in a team
  • Be flexible and open to new ideas
  • Ability to recruit volunteers and delegate responsibilities

The Vice-Chair works closely with the Chair, assisting with responsibilities where possible and providing support. The Chair and Vice-Chair may decide to formally share tasks – such as subgroup liaison or attending external meetings. It is advisable that the Vice-Chair be part of the Communications Group.

  • Take on the responsibilities of the Chair if the Chair is absent or unavailable. This includes chairing Parent Council meetings if necessary.
  • Meet with Chair periodically to review Parent Council progress.

There are two basic jobs the Chair should do: 1) Guide the Parent Council to achieve its aims; 2) Chair the meetings of the Parent Council.

  • Chair Parent Council meetings (includes welcoming guests, ensuring fair discussions take place and everyone gets their say, getting through the Agenda on time, summing up issues and decisions etc)
  • Set the Agenda and ensure that the Parent Council Action Plan is followed
  • Attend external training and meetings which support the work of Sciennes Parent Council such as Neighbourhood Meetings of Head Teachers and Chairs.
  • Have periodic meetings with the Head Teachers to discuss matters of relevance to the Parent Council and the wider parent forum.
  • Attend Friends of Sciennes School Trust meetings as an Ex-Officio member

Full details of Office Bearer positions can be found here.