Parent Council Year Reps – Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Year Reps needed?
Over the years there has been a concern that not all year groups are equally represented on Parent Council. By having a named Year Rep, who is a voting member of the Parent Council, we hope that all parents/ carers and year groups will feel like they have representation on Parent Council.

What happens if more than one parent comes forward to represent a year group?
It is quite possible that more than one individual will step forward or be nominated to represent their year group. If this happens, the nominated individuals will be informed prior to the AGM so that they can decide amongst themselves who will be their year’s Year Rep, or if they’d like to share the position.  In the event that agreement cannot be reached by the individuals, names will be drawn at random at the AGM.

Could we put forward one rep per class?
Yes. However, those individuals should designate a primary spokesperson. At Parent Council meetings each year group will only have one vote, so a consensus should be agreed upon before the meeting.

Do I have to attend every PC meeting?
Each year group should be represented at every meeting. If you are unable to attend, you should appoint someone from your designated year group in your stead.

How do I collect the views of parents I’m representing?
First, you will not necessarily need to collect parent views on all issues. Every year there are only a limited number of items that go to a vote. In these cases the Year Rep could send out an email via the Parent Class Reps with a poll or survey to all parents in the year group.

What is the difference between a Year Rep and a Class Rep?
The Year Rep is meant to represent their designated year at Parent Council meetings, communicate relevant information back to their year group and collect parent views on certain issues.
The Class Rep is responsible for putting together a class email list and sending out periodic emails. The Class Rep’s primary function is communication.

I’m working full time, can I still volunteer?
Definitely. There are generally 6 Parent Council meetings a year, held in the evenings. The dates for these will be published well in advance, at the beginning of every school year.

Could I share this post with another parent?
Yes. If more than one parent volunteers or is nominated for the role, the individuals may arrange to share the role.

 I have not been involved with PC previously; would I still be able to become a Year Rep?
Yes, the job of Year Rep is a great way to become involved with Parent Council.
Do I need to report back from PC meetings to the parents I represent?
Yes. It is always good practice to make parents aware of what decisions have been made on their behalf. This can easily be done by email.