Mental Health House Assembly 5.5.17

On Friday 5th May we held Assemblies for each of our four Houses: Tantallon (Mrs Noble, Grange (Ms Anstruther), Sienna (Mr McKenna) and Lauder (Ms Gallagher) to introduce everyone to our Mental Health Week, beginning next week.

House and Sports Captains asked everyone what they thought being healthy meant and we explored not only what physical health but also what mental health means.

We sang Hopscotch Theatre’s SHANARRI song and explored how we use these health and wellbeing indicators (Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included) to help us discuss and support everyone’s health at school.

We watched a video where children described their own experiences of dealing with different emotions and some strategies that can help.

We also watched Pixar’s short animation “Boundin’” to help us think about having a positive mental attitude in dealing with lifes ups and downs.

We loved singing Fischy Music’s “Stronger” song and doing the actions!

The winning House will have a Fun and Frolics session on the Meadows at the end of term so everyone was encouraged to keep earning House points.