Mental Health Foundation Survey

8th-12th May is Sciennes’ Mental Health Week, led by DHT Carolyn Anstruther, Parent Council HWB Group and Staff HWB Working Group.

Sciennes’ Parent Council HWB Group wishes to encourage parents and carers to complete the Mental Health Foundation’s survey below:

The Mental Health Foundation is a UK charity that relies on public donations and grant funding to deliver and campaign for good mental health for all.

It’s the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week today! Ambitious as ever and hoping for an impact on a broader scale – we are looking at the state of the UK’s mental health for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017. We are now asking: are we Surviving or Thriving?
We all have the ability to thrive and having good mental health is an asset to thriving in all parts of our lives. Our new report Surviving or Thriving? – The state of the UK’s mental health states that only 13% of people are living with high levels of good mental health, and two in three adults face mental health problems in their lifetime. It is time to address this nationwide problem. 

Our survey uses the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing scale to measure your general level of mental health and wellbeing. Answering the seven questions gives you a score you can compare against the national average.  The survey does not reveal whether you have a mental health problem, but your ability to cope with the everyday stresses of life. On completion we outline a number of ways you can protect and sustain good mental health.