Andrew’s Weekly Round Up

ROUNDUP 14.8.2020


14 August 2020

I want to start this first roundup of the new school session to say how happy I am that children are back in school.  It is really great to see Sciennes alive again.  I think we all felt a bit emotional seeing them return.

I also want to say a huge thank you to our school staff who gave up their annual leave so that we were ready to open safely and on time on Wednesday.  Special thanks go to Neil Scott and John Reid, our wonderful Facilities Technicians (i.e. Janitors!) and to Steve Davies, our Business Manager.

On Wednesday, we opened our doors to children with surnames from A-L and on Thursday to those children with surnames M-Z.  All children attended today.  Our new Primary 1 children have been a joy! They have settled in really well and have coped with the challenge of being full time from their first day. There were a few tears, but these were mainly from parents! That is perfectly fine and indeed expected. We also welcomed some new children throughout the school, so lots of new additions to our Sciennes family.  We have also heard many positive stories about our P7’s who have started at their new high schools.

I mentioned in my letter dated 7 August we are in an evolving situation and that we would monitor our procedures. On the whole, we feel they have worked very well and I want to thank you all for adhering to our staggered times and supporting us. However, there are a few things we have noticed and we have also had some really helpful comments from parents. I have therefore highlighted some actions that will further improve everyone’s safety:

  • Once you have dropped your child at school or picked them up, please can you leave the playground and move away from the school promptly (at P1, P2 Drop Off and P1-P5 Pick Up).
  • The staggered start and finish times are helping but it can still get quite busy so please ensure physical distancing at 2m.
  • You may wish to consider wearing a mask, though that is entirely a personal decision.
  • Where possible, it would help reduce congestion if only one adult drops off and picks up.

I would also like to thank the parents who helped ensure the road outside the school remained closed. We will share more information next week on how you can get involved in this. Meanwhile our School Streets Parent Group are still working hard towards our aim of  permanently closing Sciennes Road.

We have a few children with nut allergies in the school. Although we cannot insist that children do not bring nuts, or foodstuffs with nuts in them for snack or lunch, it would be reassuring for the parents of these children if we could try to avoid doing so. Your co-operation on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Wonderful to have support from our Community Police Officers this morning, too.

The Parent Council will send out details of a second-hand uniform sale and also how you can drop off used uniform that you no longer need.

I have attached a summary of drop off and pick up times as I know all the changes can be confusing and take some getting used to. We will get there though!

Have a good weekend. I am looking forward to dinner out with my Dad to celebrate his birthday.


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Year Group Start Time Mon – Thurs Finish Time Friday Finish Time ENTRANCE/EXIT
P1 9.00am 2.50pm 12.15pm WEST DOOR (Sick Kids Hospital side)

Parents wait in playground in West zone

P2A, P2B 9.00am 2.50pm 12.15pm EAST DOOR (Main Entrance)
P2C 9.00am 2.50pm 12.15pm Classroom Entrance/Exit from Playground
P3 8.50am 3.20pm 12.05pm WEST DOOR
P4 8.50am 3.20pm 12.05pm EAST DOOR
P5 8.40am 3.10pm 11.55am WEST DOOR
P6 8.40am 3.10pm 11.55am EAST DOOR
P7 8.40am 3.10pm 11.55am EAST DOOR



DROP OFF P1 pupils will continue to line up from 9.00am and all other pupils will be able to come into school directly without lining up BUT ONLY USING THEIR CORRECT ENTRANCE AT THEIR PARTICULAR ENTRY TIME. P1 and P2 Parents may enter the playground at Drop Off. Please

PICK UP P6 and P7 pupils may only be collected from outside the school gates. P1-P5 Parents, please only enter the playground just before your designated pick up time, ensure 2m distancing and then vacate the playground immediately you have collected your child to avoid congregating. If you have siblings who need collected at different times, please leave the playground, move away from the front of the school and return at the designated time. Thank you.

Please note that from Monday 31 August P1 and P2 children will finish at 3pm Monday to Thursday. They will still finish at 12.15pm on a Friday.