P7 Stalls at the Winter Trail

P7 STALLS  (2pm-4.00pm) 
WINTER TRAIL (2pm-5pm)

Dear Families,

Over the past couple of weeks, Primary 7 pupils have been taking part in an enterprise project. In addition to setting up their own mini businesses, the pupils have been able to gain more experience of working within a budget and of calculating profit and loss.

The Primary 7s have prepared a Sway presentation (see link below) advertising the various stalls that will be in the playground on Saturday 12th December between 2pm and 4.00pm.


Pupils who have a ticket for the Winter Trail are invited to browse the P7 stalls just before their Trail start time. 

Our P7s would really appreciate it if you could share this Sway with your children so they know in advance what will be on offer.  We only have limited stock so we apologise in advance if the items you are after disappear!

Each group of 20 can only enter the playground for a 15 minute slot while parents/carers wait outside (unless accompanying very young children). All items are 50p, £1.00, £1.50 or a donation (with no change available). 

On Saturday, the pupils will be selling their goods from 2-4pm in the Sciennes playground. Pupils who have purchased tickets are invited to attend the stalls prior to starting the Winter Trail. In order for the Primary 7s to be able to do this safely we ask that:

  • pupils enter by the West gate and follow the stalls in a one-way system
  • where possible, adults remain outside the gates
  • children wishing to purchase anything bring correct change – all items will be priced at £0.50- £1.50. We apologise but we cannot give out any change

The Primary 7 pupils will ensure that:

  • they are not handling the goods
  • hand sanitiser will be readily available
  • numbers in the playground will be restricted to maintain social distancing

Thank you,

Primary 7

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