P7 Super Stan Show

Thank you very much to parent James Chow who filmed and edited the fabulous Primary Sevens’ End of Term show on Thursday 13th June.


“The Amazing Adventures of Super Stan” was absolutely magnificent! The children were so expressive and strong in performance together and it is testament to all their hard work and their teachers’ commitment that they staged such a high quality production. We are grateful to all the parent helpers and staff who supported with costumes, props and rehearsals and to everyone who came along on the day. What a wonderful way to showcase and celebrate the talents of our wonderful Primary Sevens and we hope the confidence they found in performance will carry with them to high school and beyond.

“The Primary 7 performance would not have been possible without the help of some special people:

Thank you to all P7 families for helping with props and costumes. Thank you to our team of parent prop helpers: Estelle Manson, Jenny Rodger, Michele Hare, Linda Winskel, Lorna Lyons, Sarah Jordan, Ivanna Summerton, Laura Kinsler and JGHS Sixth Year Maeve MacLullich. Thank you to Heather MacLeod for her professional help and expertise with our soloists.

Many thanks to Aimee Fraser from Dance Division for choreography support, to Ms Paula Gilhooly for helping with lines and to Pupil Support Assistants Anna Robertson, Aliya Tariq and Freda Mitchell. Thanks to Mr John Reid for building the staging and thank you to all Sciennes staff for helping with Hall time rehearsals.

To the Primary 7 families, we say an enormous, “Thank you!” for supporting the children learning songs, practising lines and providing top-notch costumes.

Above all, thank you to our Super Sevens! Your work ethic has been immense, your enthusiasm unwavering and your attitude positive throughout. You are all (Stanley) Marvels!”

The P7 Team – Ms Fiona Sellar, Ms Lindsay Dodds, Ms Jenny Gaffney, Mr Mark McKenna, Mr Forrest Howie


Sciennes P7 End of Year Show June 2019 from Sciennes Primary School on Vimeo.